Object Oriented Mapping in Golang

Today, I gave a talk on ORMs in Golang at the London Golang Meetup.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and for those who could not make it, here is the video link https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/6162-orms-with-golang.

I started my talk by defining what Object Relational Mapping is with a slight detour on its brief history thus far (mostly from what I have witnessed).

Then I went on to talk about WHY? ORMs are important and HOW? useful they are.

I continued with some insights on Go’s philosophy, well from a newbie’s perspective (I am only just a few weeks into practical Golang coding, counting by nights).

Prior to this, I had some earlier introduction to Golang from Seyi Ogunyemi from our podcast episode on Golang and after a few years later had a chat with David Hernandez as well.

Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge with me and BigUps to Seyi for reviewing my slides for this talk.

Some of the experiences I shared in this talk were based on a small REST API (v1) I built with Golang.

The idea with this REST API is to trim down a somewhat monolithic wordpress database to the bare essentials and enough to cater for a mobile/tablet apps et al.

So here it is, an opportunity to give Golang a go, yay!!.

I will be probably be posting progress as I continue to progress the REST API (v2).

Thanks to my friends (Wendy, Nick, Paul, et al) at Skills Matter for making it possible that this talk was recorded.

Here is the Video Link: https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/6162-orms-with-golang

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